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Week13 - Interactive stm

Week13 - Interactive stm

htmlwidgets News This Week

Just do this Github search, and you’ll likely see all the newest and latest.

This Week’s Widget - stmBrowser | htmlwidgetized stmBrowser

I get sad when I see a really great R package that generates HTML/JS that does not use htmlwidgets, but it is entirely understandable since htmlwidgets is so new. This happened a couple days ago when I spotted a tweet announcing stmBrowser which pairs with stm and stmCorrViz. These related projects had already aroused my interest when I saw them appear on CRAN. I felt like I should intervene early, so I asked for permission to convert, and the authors very generously responded with a “Yes. How can we help?” Heartened by the quick positive response and the very nice d3.js code, I started banging away, and I think I’m close to an acceptable first iteration.

Please note that any screwups or malfunctions are mine and not the original authors.

Quick Installation

The htmlwidget version of stmBrowser currently exists as a fork with a different branch on Github. For now please install with devtools::install_github. Also, you’ll need stm from CRAN.


Example in a Presentation

If I don’t talk about Structural Topic Models (stm), maybe no one will discover that I don’t have a clue. Because of my ignorance, I’ll use one of the examples from ?stm::stm. I’ll slap it in a rmarkdown presentation to prove that it really is an htmlwidget. This will also demonstrate one of the many benefits of htmlwidgets.


Thanks so much for all the work by