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Week25 - sweetAlertR

Week25 - sweetAlertR

htmlwidgets News This Week

I can’t keep up with all that is happening in widget-world, so for all the newest and updated htmlwidgets, just do this Github search, and you’ll quickly get up to date.

This Week’s Widget - sweetalertR

SweetAlert by Tristan Edwards is a beautiful, dependency-free, and really popular replacement for JavaScript’s ugly and crude alert, so in my mind perfect for an htmlwidget. sweetalertR offers the beauty and power of SweetAlert to R in htmlwidget form.

Quick Installation

sweetalertR is not yet on CRAN and won’t be unless someone asks, so for now please install with devtools::install_github.


SweetAlert Example Recreated in rmarkdown

In the demo page for SweetAlert, the author Tristan Edwards demonstrates both his HTML/CSS/JS prowress and documents SweetAlert’s functionality. Let’s recreate the example fully in rmarkdown with sweetalertR. Please note Tristan deserves all the credit for this code.


Thanks so much