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Week27 - d3hiveR

Week27 - d3hiveR

htmlwidgets News This Week

Yay, it appears a gallery is now in the works. Until its release though, for all the newest and updated htmlwidgets, just do this Github search, and you’ll quickly get up to date.

This Week’s Widget - d3hiveR

Martin Krzywinski makes beautiful things. Just have a look at his site for hive plots which he created back in 2011.

Krzywinski M, Birol I, Jones S, Marra M (2011). Hive Plots — Rational Approach to Visualizing Networks. Briefings in Bioinformatics (early access 9 December 2011, doi: 10.1093/bib/bbr069). (download citation)

Hive plots are beautiful on their own, but they also serve a purpose to help visualize complex networks, or tame the network hairball (for more, see Lynn Cherny’s presentation). R already has the very good, well-documented HiveR from Bryan Hanson. So, this week’s d3hiveR has a strong headstart on the R side. On the JavaScript side, we have a couple examples.

Thanks to all of the above for all their work on hive plots.

More Unfinished Than Any Other

All of the widgets created here should be considered unfinished, but this one is particulary undone, and the gaps are obvious. I would love some help.

I just couldn’t but be distracted by the thought of interactive tmap by Martijn Tennekes. See this issue to follow along or offer input.

Quick Installation

d3hiveR is not yet on CRAN and won’t be unless someone asks, so for now please install with devtools::install_github.



d3hiveR leverages HiveR, so you can just feed it a HivePlotData object.

# devtools::install_github("timelyportfolio/d3hiveR")

d3hive( ranHiveData( nx = 5, ne = 1000, ns = c(1,3,8) ) )


Thanks so much to Martin Krzywinski, Bryan Hanson, Mike Bostock, Rich Morin, and Sara Quiqley all cited above.

As always, thanks to

  • Ramnath Vaidyanathan and RStudio for htmlwidgets
  • all the contributors to R and JavaScript