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Week35 - gifrecordeR

Week35 - gifrecordeR

This Week’s Widget - gifrecordeR

Animated GIFs are really useful for documenting, illustrating, sharing, and sometimes annoying. Yaron Noveh’s absolutely amazing gifw00t lets us record GIFs in the browser client-side, so if I wrap it in a htmlwidget I can record GIFs of my RStudio Viewer or Shiny session and share them with the world.

SVG support is currently weak, but a work-in-progress.




Wrestling with the SVG support and trying to squeeze these into a htmlwidget provde far more difficult than I imagined, so I ran out of time to write up a full post. I hope you don’t mind, but I just iframed the Readme.md for now. I’ll try to edit and make a full post for now, but the weekend holiday is starting and the family is up. Also, I want to remind you of the weakly received Week 14’s exportwidget as a non-animated export option.


I’m still amazed we can do this. Thanks so much to Yaron Naveh @yaronn for making gifw00t. Be sure to also check out blessed-contrib.

As always, thanks to

  • Ramnath Vaidyanathan and RStudio for htmlwidgets
  • all the contributors to R and JavaScript