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Week37 - parsetR

Week37 - parsetR

This Week’s Widget - parsetR

As far as I know, ggparallel is the only way to make Robert Kosara’s parallel sets in R. While ggparallel does a very nice job, this ridiculously amazing interactive d3.js parallel sets implementation by Jason Davies needs a htmlwidget. When a JavaScript library is as well designed as d3-parsets, wrapping it as an htmlwidget can be very quick and straightforward. In this case, I was able to achieve a working implementation in two hours documented on Twitter. Of course for a htmlwidget to be really good and worthwhile to the R community, a lot of time still should be spent on documentation, examples, and testing to satisfy the “What Makes a Good htmlwidget” checklist.



Examples + Vignette

Making interactive d3.js parallel sets from R is now as simple as this.


I’ll iframe the vignette below for more examples. If it doesn’t look good/right, then here is the direct link. I highly encourage clicking, playing, and exploring the interactivity in these examples.


parsetR was easy due to all the effort by Jason Davies with d3-parsets. The world is a better place because of all Jason Davies other crazy awesome d3.js and JavaScript work. Thanks!

As always, thanks to

  • Ramnath Vaidyanathan and RStudio for htmlwidgets
  • all the contributors to R and JavaScript