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Week38 - datacomb

Week38 - datacomb

This Week’s Widget - datacomb

I was blown away when an August 21 @ChrisPolis tweet led me to this animated GIF.

animated gif of datacomb

Then, I was even more delighted when I saw the magic word htmlwidget on the roadmap/todos. Just a month later thanks to magic/diligence of Chris Polis we can make a datacomb interactive table viewer in one-line of R.

Note, you will notice this is not done and there is much left to do, but I just couldn’t wait to show this one off.




In one line, we get a rich quick interactive overview of pretty-“big” data.

# devtools::install_github("cmpolis/datacomb", subdir="pkg")
data(diamonds, package="ggplot2")


datacomb on both the JS and R side is all the work of Chris Polis @cmpolis, so please direct all thanks, praise, and attribution to him. datacomb has amazed me and many others since we first saw the animated GIF preview. Thanks Chris!

As always, thanks to

  • Ramnath Vaidyanathan and RStudio for htmlwidgets
  • all the contributors to R and JavaScript