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Week48 - stmCorrViz

Week48 - stmCorrViz

This Week’s Widget - stmCorrViz | htmlwidgetized stmCorrViz

Way back in week 13, I html-widgetized stmBrowser which pairs with stm and stmCorrViz. Scott Jacobs very kindly asked if I could also html-widgetize stmCorrViz, and I said yes. While at it, I also fixed a couple bugs in stmBrowser.

Please note that any screwups or malfunctions are mine and not the original authors.

Quick Installation

The htmlwidget version of stmBrowser currently exists as a fork with a different branch on Github. For now please install with devtools::install_github. Also, you’ll need stm from CRAN.


Example in a Presentation

Remember I know basically nothing about Structural Topic Models (stm), so I’ll just use one of the examples from ?stm::stm and then slap both the stmCorrViz and stmBrowser in a rmarkdown presentation to prove that it really is an htmlwidget. This demonstrates one of the many benefits of htmlwidgets.


Thanks so much for all the work by